Who we are?

At SOSiT we are dedicated to provide professional and personal services to our clients. All our services are guaranteed to save our clients time and money. We aim to not only manage, but prevent and eliminate any potential IT problems, enabling our clients to focus on their core business. We are committed to developing close relationships with clients, based on absolute confidence in our integrity, honesty, professionalism and ability to deliver. Our dynamic and creative use of new technology adds value to our first class service. 

What we do?

We are structured and tailored to meet the growing IT need of any small or medium size business across all types of industries. The team includes qualified business people with many years of IT and business experience and are passionate about the implementation and administration of IT and related services. We offer the following at very competitive rates, negotiated especially for our clients in the Industry and related Associations:


Where do we fit in?

SOSiT has partnered with two of the leading Consulting companies in South Africa. These partnerships have enabled SOSiT to become one of the preferred providers in our field. This partnership concept entails providing clients with a hassle free service, one-stop-service. when dealing with any medical administration, consulting or IT service needs and requirements. Through its service offering, SOSiT has sufficient knowledge, experience and capacity to assist our Partners and ensure that our clients are empowered.

Why are we better?

The SOSiT team, Our Partners and the professionals that we employ, all have extensive experience in the fields of IT, development, programming, operations, the medical industry, general business, banking, insurance, and compliance and risk management. We believe that the customized services we offer are applying big company thinking to small and medium businesses, without the delays of too many procedures and red tape.

How do we do it?

Our philosophy is not to adopt an arms-length approach, but to provide practical and hands-on advice. Remaining focused, means the SOSiT team can consistently deliver quality work by: Employing qualified and trained staff; Deploying and using the latest technology; Ensure adherence to all regulatory & compliance requirements; Effective strategic and operational planning and regular reporting at management and executive levels.

Why Use Us?

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